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The Reasons of Art Coming to Exist

Art.  It is not needed in the sense that it will get us from place-to-place or warm our homes although some of the items we purchase for survival can be considered “art” because they have a design and aesthetic plus they help us to express ourselves; clothing, cars, homes and so on. “The acquisition and consequently, the display of artwork for personal viewing is thus almost always about enhancing our self-esteem and self-perceptions. An original artwork makes a person feel good or better about him/herself whenever he/she is looking at it and in doing so, fulfills it’s purpose from the owner’s perspective – it gratifies and satisfies not in terms of need, but rather in terms of desire and senses.” states artist, Annette E. Bank.

Art is produced to ease the artist’s soul, to satisfy our hunger for expression and to keep our hands and mind busy and fulfilled. The end product evokes emotion from the viewer and is purchased because the connection is strong enough that the purchaser feels the “need” to keep that connection close. When I create my jewelry, a little bit of myself enters through the handling, shaping, forming of the materials and how I set them together. It’s embedded in the thought process I use to decide on the coloring, texture and spacing. It would be no different if I were painting. I conceive and create then let go knowing I’m inside of it.

However, unlike a sculpture or painting, infusing my soul into my art jewelry doesn’t end with the final gemstone placement. Once I finish with the physical building I continue the bonding process. I will sit quietly with incense burning or music softly enveloping me and begin the Reiki process or use sound to attune the crystals and metal. I become the intermediary that allows the Universe to bring forth the individual healing properties of the crystals.

The emotional attachment one feels towards art can be overwhelming, soothing, enlightening and stunning in itself and when you allow yourself to accept the healing powers of the crystals and metals, you receive even more from the art. Annette agrees: “Great Art has the power to express the most elevated and progressive aesthetics, tendencies and ideals to which human beings can aspire and creates an oasis into which people can escape from the stresses and pressures of daily life in order to re-energize, reinvigorate and even heal.”

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