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Jewelry Steam Cleaner Steamer Review – Hoffman New Yorker

hoffman newyork steamer

We are going to unbox a new piece of jewelry cleaning equipment, Hoffman New Yorker Jewelry Steam Cleaner Steamer. It is a new powerful cleaning machine for my jewelry shop.

We will try to test out what a steam cleaner can do. What I’m doing is slowly starting to get my own stuff here so I could get self-sufficient with the jewelry repairs that I do.

Now, we can see there is a one-step pedal to control everything. There’s a drain valve to drain it out. This fill tap will open up the valve to allow water to go in to fill up the tank.

Here’s the steam nozzle where the steam comes out. These things are very effective at killing viruses and other bacteria.

I think that’s supposed to be a sight glass but I really can’t see anything in there on/off switch setting that can set the amount of pressure you want. We got a pressure relief valve up. There’s a pedal that you used to operate.

The valve stays shut you press on this and the valve opens and allows steam to come shooting out. There’s the nameplate specs and I consulted with my boss the jeweler. He said get a Hoffman, so that’s what I did.

We go everything’s off the fill valve is open the drain valve is shut I’ve got it plugged in. I’ve got the footswitch down. I’m going to try adding some distilled water. This is supposed to be a one gallon capacity he said turn it on hit the foot switch.

This jewelry steamer is so powerful, and operated with the frequency of 82000Hz. With that power, you can clean a large amount of jewelry pieces in just one circle.

If you are operating a jewelry shop, this powerful jewelry steamer can perfect subsitute many mans power to reduce your labor cost.

One more thing is if you don’t run it for jewelry store, you can still refurbish this equipment then resell on eBay or Amazon online store.

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