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Jewelry Steam Cleaner Steamer Review – Hoffman New Yorker

hoffman newyork steamer

We are going to unbox a new piece of jewelry cleaning equipment, Hoffman New Yorker Jewelry Steam Cleaner Steamer. It is a new powerful cleaning machine for my jewelry shop.

We will try to test out what a steam cleaner can do. What I’m doing is slowly starting to get my own stuff here so I could get self-sufficient with the jewelry repairs that I do.

Now, we can see there is a one-step pedal to control everything. There’s a drain valve to drain it out. This fill tap will open up the valve to allow water to go in to fill up the tank.

Here’s the steam nozzle where the steam comes out. These things are very effective at killing viruses and other bacteria.

I think that’s supposed to be a sight glass but I really can’t see anything in there on/off switch setting that can set the amount of pressure you want. We got a pressure relief valve up. There’s a pedal that you used to operate.

The valve stays shut you press on this and the valve opens and allows steam to come shooting out. There’s the nameplate specs and I consulted with my boss the jeweler. He said get a Hoffman, so that’s what I did.

We go everything’s off the fill valve is open the drain valve is shut I’ve got it plugged in. I’ve got the footswitch down. I’m going to try adding some distilled water. This is supposed to be a one gallon capacity he said turn it on hit the foot switch.

This jewelry steamer is so powerful, and operated with the frequency of 82000Hz. With that power, you can clean a large amount of jewelry pieces in just one circle.

If you are operating a jewelry shop, this powerful jewelry steamer can perfect subsitute many mans power to reduce your labor cost.

One more thing is if you don’t run it for jewelry store, you can still refurbish this equipment then resell on eBay or Amazon online store.

Digital Wireless Headphones for Music Listening

A home theater consists of a TV, a stereo, and speakers; your PC is also an excellent device for your audio as well as video needs. Together with your family, you can watch and enjoy your favorite movie and television show, but what if you still want to watch a movie or listen to your favorite music in the middle of the night while everybody else is sleeping? Then the best solution for this problem is for you to get high quality digital wireless headphones or Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones. You can easily find one of these kinds of devices at your local music or electronics store and even on the Internet. One perfect example is the Sennheiser RS-160 wireless headphones; it is one of the most commonly used headphones for rock music listening to these days.

best Digital Wireless Headphones

When it comes to getting quality digital wireless headphones for your home theatre or personal computer, it is very important for you to check for the quality and the comfort it will offer you. The main purpose of using a headphone is to simply eliminate unwanted background noise so that you can listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite movie without any disturbance, so make sure that the headset you are going to purchase comes with noise-canceling technology. You should also check the battery life of your headphones because of some last for a very short period of time. Another perfect example of wireless headphones is the Sony infrared wireless Dolby digital headphones.

best Digital Wireless HeadphonesHowever, if your home is not that noisy then a headphone that has thick pads which would cover your ears will do. These pads will contain the music or sound you are listening to. Just make sure that you get digital wireless headphones that are comfortable to wear and that fits perfectly, because if otherwise you will not have the desire to make use of them. Another important feature that you need to check is built-in volume control, so you will not need to stand up from your seat and adjust the volume from your computer.

When using wireless headphones make sure that you are within the operating range from the receiver for them to work perfectly and properly, so when searching for wireless headphones make sure that it comes with an automatic frequency tuner so you do not need to adjust them when you constantly move around.

I am using the Pioneer digital wireless headphones; it is wireless 5.1 surround sound headphones that come with Dolby headphone technology. It is capable of transmitting signals up to 26 feet. I like it because it has built-in volume control and comes with a 90-day warranty.

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Ultrasonic Cleaner Resume Sparklingness of Your Jewelry

We people are always fond of jewels and that can present our standard of living to our surrounding. There are many types of jewelry in style, either fashion costume or valuable gold and silver jewelry. No matter what, wearers always would like to maintain their sparkling for as long as possible. How to clean and care these valuable jewelry pieces might be a challenge for most of us. Traditionally, we tend to use clean clothes to wipe off the dust and dirt particles manually and gently. Following the development of jewelry cleaning technology, there are more advanced cleaners and methods coming up and they are either used for home or jewelry shop to give professional cleaning in short time.

As we purchase a jewel which is to be used by us for very long years and we look for the maintenance. Where normally we use to find maintenance for a vehicle as the same process continuous here in jewels also were that can provide long lifespan to our product and that will also satisfy our needs. In order to get services we use to wait for a long time and we are served by their service by understanding this there is emerging of product which can satisfy your need and that can make you happy by utilizing the product.

best jewelry cleaning method

Use Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine to clean jewelry

The product is called an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner that will cleanse your jewel and provide you the jewel-like the same which you purchase it from a jewelry shop. There are several methods to clean your jewels among those the ultrasonic is one of the main parts in cleaning jewels. In many processes, we naturally make some stains in our jewelry that can’t be cleaned properly and that can’t be given to an unknown person to clean the diamonds and other jewelry.

Normally we use to prefer ultrasonic cleanser to remove the tanner from the jewel and without cleaning that it showcases the jewel seems to be older and that will spoil the individual’s credit in surrounding without any verbal message it will pass through the individual’s thoughts. Even we use to think the same when an individual wore such tanned jewelry so as to show yourself new with your old jewelry try this ultrasonic cleanser and make an impact on your surroundings.

As the ultrasonic works that producing some chemical component with it which will remove the tarnish from the product to provide you a clean and bright jewel and the ultrasonic wave or sound that removes the stain which is present in the minute space and that can provide you the hundred percent clean jewel which is ready for your further usage.

In most of our house we don’t prefer such cleanser which we feel so hard and we are afraid of the effects on our jewelry and that reaction can also found in our body because we want our skin to be safe from this chemical which may cause itching or any allergies can also occur after treating our jewelry in such chemical product to remove stain and tanning process. So this product ultrasonic jewelry cleaner which will provide you safe and secure to your body and that will keep your skin without any damages so you can honestly prefer this ultrasonic cleaner that can make your jewel free from dirt and any ill-effects can be destroyed and that will give the guarantee to wear it in any occasion.

The Reasons of Art Coming to Exist

Art.  It is not needed in the sense that it will get us from place-to-place or warm our homes although some of the items we purchase for survival can be considered “art” because they have a design and aesthetic plus they help us to express ourselves; clothing, cars, homes and so on. “The acquisition and consequently, the display of artwork for personal viewing is thus almost always about enhancing our self-esteem and self-perceptions. An original artwork makes a person feel good or better about him/herself whenever he/she is looking at it and in doing so, fulfills it’s purpose from the owner’s perspective – it gratifies and satisfies not in terms of need, but rather in terms of desire and senses.” states artist, Annette E. Bank.

Art is produced to ease the artist’s soul, to satisfy our hunger for expression and to keep our hands and mind busy and fulfilled. The end product evokes emotion from the viewer and is purchased because the connection is strong enough that the purchaser feels the “need” to keep that connection close. When I create my jewelry, a little bit of myself enters through the handling, shaping, forming of the materials and how I set them together. It’s embedded in the thought process I use to decide on the coloring, texture and spacing. It would be no different if I were painting. I conceive and create then let go knowing I’m inside of it.

However, unlike a sculpture or painting, infusing my soul into my art jewelry doesn’t end with the final gemstone placement. Once I finish with the physical building I continue the bonding process. I will sit quietly with incense burning or music softly enveloping me and begin the Reiki process or use sound to attune the crystals and metal. I become the intermediary that allows the Universe to bring forth the individual healing properties of the crystals.

The emotional attachment one feels towards art can be overwhelming, soothing, enlightening and stunning in itself and when you allow yourself to accept the healing powers of the crystals and metals, you receive even more from the art. Annette agrees: “Great Art has the power to express the most elevated and progressive aesthetics, tendencies and ideals to which human beings can aspire and creates an oasis into which people can escape from the stresses and pressures of daily life in order to re-energize, reinvigorate and even heal.”